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A LIMS for River Tam of Serenity
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Welcome to river_lims. We will have a series of challenges based on the character River Tam of Firefly and Serenity to help us determine the best icon maker, or the Last Icon Maker Standing. Anyone is invited to participate, regardless of skill level. Please read the following rules. The community was started January 14th, 2008 by beauty_untold.

layout codes: tomorrow_brings
profile layout codes: refuted
header: made by beauty_untold

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Round 01 Winner:


01. ROUND 02 SIGN UPs HERE. You have until Friday, April 11th (the day the first challenge ends) to sign up. I would suggest joining the community, and friending it as well. That will make it easier to remember when challenges start and end. To prove you've read the rules, please put 'she's an albatross' somewhere in your comment.

02. The first challenge will go up on Friday, April 7th. You will then have ONE WEEK to make & submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up & entered by the time the first voting post goes up, you will not be able to participate. Additionally, you must enter every challenge until you are voted off. If you miss a challenge or break a rule, you will be disqualified.

03. Each week, you will be provided with a different image. That is the only image you are allowed to use in your icon. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc. are all allowed unless otherwise noted. All movies and characters will be featured.

When entering your icons, please follow this format:


URL: http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii114/vrrigney_graphics/layouts/river_limsicon-1.png
Submissions & Voting
Mod: beauty_untold



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if you want to affiliate you may ask to here.

Submissions: Monday - Friday 3:00 pm EST
Voting: Friday Evening - Sunday Afternoon
Winners: Sunday Night
New Challenge will be posted on Monday

1. After the given period of time, voting will take place. However, instead of voting for your favorite icon(s), you will be voting for your least favorite icon(s)! You are voting someone OUT of the competition.

2. When voting, you will comment with the number of your least favorite icon(s) and the reason for your vote. Please try to keep your reasons unbiased and impersonal. Vote based on skill, not personal preferences. You will also vote for your favorite icon, but no reason is necessary. These comments will be screened, but if you choose to, you will be able to view the votes your icon received.

3. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes will be eliminated from the competition.

4. There will be a mod's choice and a voter's choice each week.

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